Empower Change with Kataalyst

Effortlessly integrate sustainability into your business model with Kataalyst. Streamline social responsibility initiatives and amplify your positive impact on the world.


Empower CSR Success: Tailored Features for Impact

Effortlessly manage diverse initiatives, streamline proposal workflows, seamlessly transition accepted proposals into projects, and optimize user roles and data with our comprehensive modules. Maximize efficiency, measure impact, and lead the way to a brighter future.

Effortless Initiative Management

Simplify the creation and management of diverse CSR initiatives. From concept to execution, our Initiatives Module offers a centralized platform to organize, track, and measure the impact of your visionary projects, fostering a culture of corporate responsibility.

Innovative Proposal Workflows

Revolutionize the way proposals are received and managed. Our Proposals Module facilitates seamless collaboration, allowing you to effortlessly collect, review, and approve proposals. Elevate your decision-making process and empower stakeholders to contribute to meaningful CSR initiatives.

Efficient Project Management

Bring accepted proposals to life with our Projects Module. Seamlessly transition from proposal approval to project execution, ensuring every initiative moves forward smoothly. Track progress, allocate resources, and maximize the impact of your corporate social responsibility efforts.

Efficient Project Management

Bring accepted proposals to life with our Projects Module. Seamlessly transition from proposal approval to project execution, ensuring every initiative moves forward smoothly.

  • Initiate Projects with Ease

    Effortlessly create and outline impactful CSR initiatives from concept to execution.

  • Streamlined Proposal Collaboration

    Invite stakeholders to contribute ideas seamlessly with our intuitive Proposals Module.

  • Efficient Project Execution

    Smoothly transition accepted proposals into active projects, managing resources and progress efficiently.

  • Empower Your Team

    Define roles, manage user data, and establish responsibilities with our user-optimized Users Module.

  • Measure and Showcase Impact

    Quantify the success of your CSR initiatives with robust analytics and reporting tools.

  • Seamless Integration of Modules

    Explore how our platform seamlessly integrates these steps, empowering your company’s CSR transformation.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How do I know the tips are good?

      Our whole business depends on our tips being good, so it’s in our best interest that they are. The results of our customers speak for themselves, just trust us.

    • Isn’t this insider trading?

      Yes exactly. But at scale! Historically you could only make insider trades with knowledge from your direct network. Pocket brings you insider trading tips from people you don’t even know.

    • But isn’t insider trading illegal?

      Here’s the thing: you’re the one doing the insider trading, not us. We’re just giving you the tips and some tools to make trades. We’re not doing anything wrong here.

    • Do the people giving you tips realize what they are doing?

      Again I would argue this isn’t really our responsibility. People make their own choices. If they don’t research the consequences that’s on them, not on us.

    • Where is Pocket based?

      Let’s just say it’s not somewhere where the SEC is going to find us.

    • Is there any age limit to trading on Pocket?

      For our free plan, the age limit is based on the minimum age to trade in your country of residence. Our VIP plan uses advanced transaction anonymization though, so you can use that plan even if you’re 9 years old. Or a dog.

    • How did you get this on the App Store?

      Honestly we were surprised too, but eventually we found out that the app reviewer found the app so compelling they approved it just so they could use it themselves.

    • How do I explain the money I withdraw from Pocket to the IRS?

      This feels like one-hundred percent a you problem. Pocket is not responsible in any way for your tax returns.

    • How do I become an insider?

      Contact us with some details about your industry and the type of access you have to apply for an insider account. Once approved, we’ll send you a guide on collecting insider information without being detected at work.